White flag


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  • White Flag

60X109cm White Flag by Flossy
One colour screen print on White cotton, stitched edging.
signed and number, edition of 20.

This work by Flossy explores themes of utilitarianism, faith, war and anarchism. Through the use of religious imagery and symbols paired with military iconography such as flags, stars and soldiers and images of crying Virgin Mary statues. Each flag is 100% hand made, hand screen printed onto white cloth and constructed into a ‘white flag’. A nod to D.I.Y. anarchy culture. The packaging also using default typefaces in an anti design manor. The piece was originally inspired by a sample in the Cannibal OX song Iron Galaxy, “It’s a cold world out there, sometimes I feel I’m getting a little frosty myself” and a period of research into crying and mourning statues. The work does not directly point to the current political status but instead acts as a symbol of hypothetical surrender to the constant war on daily life, and the slow loss of faith in hope.